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Elder's Forest Products provides lumber products to manufacturers throughout the world. Serving industries such as furniture manufacturers, veneer companies, lumber companies, as well as others in need of quality timber products. We are a full scale sawmill and utilize all of the by-products from timber purchased from Michigan landowners. Lumber products that we sell include: rough sawn lumber, veneer logs, pine boards, precut fence boards, railroad ties, sawdust and mulch.


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Rough Sawn Lumber

Rough sawn lumber is not finished before it is shipped for sale. It still needs to be dried, planed, and finished by the buyer. Rough sawn lumber is less costly for manufactures in industries around the world. Most industries prefer working with rough sawn lumber because it gives them greater control over the finished product.

Veneer Logs

Veneer wood gives the manufacturer the advantage of stability, unlike regular wood. Veneer is one of the most sustainable of our lumber products. Furniture made with wood veneer uses less wood than the same piece of furniture made with solid wood. We sell veneer logs to veneer manufacturers. If you are looking to purchase veneer logs for your company, contact us today for a quote. 

Fence Boards

We sell pine fence boards in bulk. They are great for farm fencing and other large area fencing solutions. Our fence boards are not finished which gives you control over your final product. If you are looking to purchase unfinished fence boards in bulk, contact us today.  

Railroad Ties

Untreated railroad ties are great for landscaping and parking lot protection. We have several lengths to choose from.   


We sell bulk mulch to landscape supply companies around the world. Wood mulch has many uses such as: retaining soil moisture, regulating soil temperature, suppressing weed growth, as well as for aesthetics. Our wood chip mulches are a by-product of untreated timber and come in many colors.


We are a Michigan sawmill and we collect plenty of sawdust every day. Sawdust is a lumber by-product that has many uses. Sawdust can be used for creating: pellets for heating fuel in pellet stoves, animal bedding at farms, compost mixtures, wood flour (used in cleaning products, sandpaper, etc), bio-fuels, bio-friendly cat litters, etc.  It is also great at absorbing oils and spills in places such as factories and auto repair shops.

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Buying Timber in Michigan
Elder's is located in Rockford, MI but depending on timber type and quantity we will buy standing timber from any location in Michigan. Please call for more information.

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